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Mississauga Halton CCAC on the airwaves

Palliative Care 

Here's to Your Health

End-of-life care, palliative care, death and dying is a difficult time for families.  Mississauga Halton CCAC palliative care coordinator Marlene Grzesiak explains how the CCAC's Palliative Care program can help patients and families cope with end-of- life issues. ​

Mississauga Halton CCAC services  

South Asian Focus TV 

Care coordinator Rashmi Tailor discusses Mississauga Halton CCAC's services on South Asian Focus TV. 

Understanding CCAC services better first hand

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Mississauga Halton CCAC CEO Caroline Brereton and care coordinator Natoya Hylton discuss CCAC services in the Mississauga Halton region. 

What Family Caregivers Should Know about Mental Health and Addiction Risk in Children and Teens

Family Caregivers Unite!

Mississauga Halton CCAC CEO Caroline Brereton and mental health and addictions nurse Shauna Johnston talk about their careers, family caregiving experience, and work with addiction risk and mental health problems for children and adolescents.

Nurses and Family Caregivers Caring for Young People with Mental Health Problems

Family Caregivers Unite!

Shauna Johnston, mental health and addiction nurse explains the challenges that mental health problems create for young people and their family caregivers. Shauna shares some tips on how to effectively communicate with young people who have mental health problems. ​

Breaking down the stigma of Mental Illness with CCAC

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Shauna Johnston, mental health and addiction nurse, shares how the Mississauga Halton CCAC is breaking down the stigma of mental illness. 

Learn about home care and long-term care resources from CCAC

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Listen to Manager of Patient Care Faith Madden as she shares health care resources available to residents in the Mississauga Halton region. 

Planning for Long Term Care in Ontario

Caregiving Matters

Faith Madden, Manager of Patient Care, discusses tips on how to best plan for long-term care.

Meeting the needs of our aging community

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Rapid Response Nurse, Lynda Amodeo-Thomson discusses the Mississauga Halton CCAC Rapid Response Nursing program.

Heroes of Family Caregiving

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Valerie Speiran discusses the importance of helping family caregivers and her work as a care coordinator at the Mississauga Halton CCAC. ​