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Outcome-Based Care

Healthcare provider examining a patient's legConcentrating on getting the best possible results for people with specific conditions, we are introducing an outcome-based approach to care as a new way of providing home and community care. The focus will be on achieving defined results within specific time periods (for example, the wound has healed within six weeks).

Using this team-based care approach that concentrates on health outcomes, patients with similar needs (for example, people recovering from hip or knee surgery) will experience innovative, high quality care that is specific to their needs and circumstances. 


Working as one team, we can make more informed decisions together

Communication with you and among the health-care team is an important part of improving your care experience. Your team includes you, your caregivers, a Care Coordinator, service provider staff, Family Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, or other health specialists.


How outcome-based care can benefit you:

  • A coordinated and consistent care team who knows your specific needs and is prepared to provide your care
  • A knowledgeable point of contact to answer your questions
  • Improved electronic and communication tools and technologies to consistently share important health information, while carefully protecting your privacy
  • Information sharing with the care team to reduce the need to repeat your health information and history
  • Receiving the right care, at the right time – based upon best practices and evidence
  • Flexible care – for example, a wider variety of health-care practitioners who may be part of your team; or your care may be offered in different ways, such as team-based visits, clinics, online contact and support (called telehomecare) or e-mail support and advice
  • A smoother transition between care settings (e.g. hospital to home) 
  • Consistently measuring and reporting on our performance to improve the quality of care we provide