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CCAC Savings Support Direct Patient Care

October 22, 2015

Northeastern Ontario -- The North East Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) is the first CCAC in Ontario to increase its purchasing power by joining hospitals and other health care providers in negotiating supply contracts as a group through HealthPRO , a national healthcare procurement services organization. 

"With growing demand for our services in the North East we are always looking for innovative ways we can achieve administrative savings and have more money to put towards frontline patient care," says Richard Joly, CEO of the North East CCAC. "Through the cost savings achieved by partnering with HealthPRO, we saw an opportunity to maximize resources and ensure good fiscal accountability, which is good for our patients."

Since becoming a HealthPRO member nearly a year ago, the North East CCAC has implemented several HealthPRO contracts for medical supplies. So far, the CCAC estimates potential savings of $250,000.00 on these contracts over the course of the year, and could save up to 30% going forward on products it uses regularly.

In addition to saving money that can be reinvested in patient care, the partnership with HealthPRO creates other benefits. For example, retaining consistency in medical products between hospital and home ensures familiarity for physicians and nurses, resulting in smoother transitions. This in turn can increase comfort for patients and caregivers who may become used to certain products.   

Joly is pleased with the outcome so far, and foresees even greater results. "We've just begun to realize the benefits. System partners working together in this manner cannot help but result in a better experience for our patients overall."

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