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Chair’s Report

An organization is only as good as its people, and this year as we focus on the Faces of the CCAC, I am reminded that the opportunity to work with and support our employees in ensuring they are properly resourced and equipped to meet the care needs of northern families is why the members of the Board of Directors take on this challenging but rewarding role.  

It was through consultation with our dedicated frontline staff that we arrived at our 2012-2015 Strategic Plan. This year, due to our changing environment – a new Health Minister, an Expert Panel review of the home and community care sector, just to name a few – the Board chose to extend our Strategic Plan for an additional year, trusting in the wisdom of our CCAC team in reconfirming the strategic directions and values in this foundational document.  

This means we will continue to make decisions with our values at the forefront – Excellence; Compassion; Accountability; Collaboration; and Trust. We will use our strategic directions as a roadmap to ensure a positive and safe patient care experience, and we will continue to innovate and collaborate with our system partners to ensure we meet the current and emerging needs of our North East population. Our strategic priorities will continue to align with the priorities set out by our funders, the North East LHIN, through the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, as we work together to deliver  high quality patient-centred care.  

One example of this "patient first" approach is a new and innovative pilot project now underway at the North East CCAC which allows patients the opportunity to manage their own personal care needs. While the concept itself is not new, patient-managed care is identified as one of 10 action steps in the Ministry's Roadmap to Strengthen Home and Community Care, released in May 2015. The North East CCAC is proud to be an early adopter for this initiative.

Of course, care coordination and the delivery of clinical care in home, at school and in community, remains the CCAC's strategic focus. It is clear our multidisciplinary team is doing it well – in third-party polling of our patients, our CCAC enjoys a 91.8% patient satisfaction rate, which is consistent with the provincial average. The Board also has a role within this strategic priority. We approved a risk management oversight work plan which ensures that Board members receive regular reports and are able to react appropriately to issues or concerns from patients, families, stakeholders and partners.

This year, our CCAC has been put under a microscope – never before has the home and community care sector received this level of scrutiny. We welcome the spotlight. We believe in transparency and trust. Members of the Board of Directors have been key advocates for change and many of the recommendations that have come forward from government are aligned with our own strategic plan.  

On behalf of my fellow Board members, let me just say that it is an honour to serve our communities, and to work with such an experienced and dedicated staff and leadership team – the Faces of our CCAC.