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Clinic ‘pops up’ to provide wound care

With 'pop up' restaurants and 'pop up' stores all the rage these days, it was only a matter of time before this approach would spread to health care. For the North East CCAC however, a pop up wound care clinic is much more than a fad – it's a vital way to assess and educate a large number of patients in a short period of time.  

In late November 2015, a multi-disciplinary team of North East CCAC Care Coordinators, wound care and diabetes specialists and care provider staff from VON, Care Partners and Bayshore descended on Kirkland Lake and Timmins to host two pop up clinics, reaching out to patients dealing with chronic wounds or those needing daily wound care.

At each session, patients were first assessed by CCAC Enterostomal Therapist, Cheryl Thompson and then attended an information session led by Nurse Practitioner and Diabetes Educator Barb Kiely.  

"The main goal of the wound care clinic is to help patients decrease their pain and learn how to heal their wounds effectively by following current best practices," Cheryl says

"It's all about learning to self-manage their own wounds in their own homes," adds Barb. "At the end of the clinic, each patient received a teaching pamphlet specific to their wound type to help keep them on the path to recovery." 

CCAC Engagement Lead, Melanie Tulini says the idea of operating a 'pop up' clinic was a little nerve-racking at the beginning, but the benefits of providing hands on wound care and education far outweighed any early apprehension. "It was great to see different disciplines and organizations come together for this project and collaborate so effectively," Melanie says. "At the end of the day, we all shared the same goal, to better the lives of our patients."

Building on the positive feedback received from clinic attendees to date, plans are already in the works for the wound care team to 'pop up' in the Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma area in March followed by Parry Sound, Kapuskasing and Hearst in the next few months.