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Easy Access to Simplified Info

In an effort to provide concise and accurate information about the various programs and services available through the North East CCAC – not just for patients and families, but also for you, our partners – the CCAC has created a series of one-page fact sheets that are now available on our website.

"Providing a clear, jargon-free description of our programs and services empowers patients and families by helping them understand what we offer, what their expectations should be, and how we will go about delivering their care," states Stephanie Chevrette, Manager, Clinical Services. "It also allows patients to take an active role in their own health care journey, which is very important to us."

There are 14 different fact sheets available, covering such topics as Access to Care, Mental Health and Addiction Services, Telehomecare, School Health Services, Physiotherapy, and many others.

Each fact sheet includes a simple description of why and when the service may be needed; a step-by-step narrative on what to expect when patients receive the service; basic eligibility requirements; and the toll-free number to call for further information.