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The New Frontier

Health care organizations today face extraordinary challenges – an increased complexity of patient care needs, unprecedented stakeholder and patient/family expectations, technological advances that are creating new opportunities but accelerating the pace of change, increased regulatory pressures and the huge demographic shift referred to as the 'grey tsunami.' 

The current financial and socio-demographic picture in the province means that over the coming years, health care providers will be asked to deliver better healthcare to more people with fewer resources. Rather than spending more, we will need to spend better, to create more efficient models of health care and to find innovative solutions to ongoing challenges. 

Our health care system is complex - and no one player can work in isolation. The North East CCAC's committed workforce and dedicated Board of Directors will continue to work collaboratively with patients and families, stakeholders and partners, to bring our collective expertise to developing 'made in the north' solutions in the provision of sustainable home care services across Northeastern Ontario. 

About the North East Community Care Access Centre

The North East Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) is committed to providing quality health care to clients of all ages in home, at school or in the community. The North East CCAC also facilitates placement into long-term care homes, and provides information and referral to a broad range of community-based health programs and services in Northeastern Ontario.   

The North East CCAC's catchment area represents 42% of Ontario's land mass (roughly the size of Germany!) and encompasses six branch offices, including a head office located in Sudbury. Its multidisciplinary team of health professionals, including registered and practical nurses, nurse practitioners, rehabilitation specialists, social workers, dietitians, and others, provides care to approximately 15,000 patients on any given day. 

The Governance Role

The North East CCAC Board of Directors is comprised of 12 volunteer members who reflect the geographic and demographic diversity of Northeastern Ontario.  Membership on the Board of Directors is drawn widely to achieve the balance of skills and expertise required to enable the Board to fulfil its governance responsibilities. Our dedicated Board members bring a vital local context to discussions around the provision of quality home and community care across the North East.  

The Board employs a Quality Approach Governance through a focus on policy development, decision-making and oversight.  A North East CCAC Director must demonstrate:

  • an understanding of the roles of governance and management in a rapidly-changing health care environment,
  • the ability to offer unique expertise and skills which will inform Board discussion and decisions,
  • effective communication skills,
  • a commitment to the time required to prepare for and attend Board and Committee meetings,
  • the absence of real or perceived conflicts of interest. 

How to Apply

The Board welcomes applications from all interested and qualified applicants, especially those who have experience/expertise in one of the following areas:

  • Finance/Accounting
  • Government Relations
  • Administrative Law

The Board also encourages applicants with special interest in francophone or Aboriginal/First Nations/ Métis communities.   

Please complete and submit the application form by March 31, 2015 to:

Patty Tecter, Executive Assistant, Board and CEO
TEL:        705-522-3460, ext. 4487
TTY:        711 (ask operator for 1-888-533-2222)