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Celebrating National Nursing Week 2016!

​​Hear what some of our managers have to say about their nurses: 

Christine Barbeau:​ "Save one life, and you're a hero. Save a hundred lives, and you're a nurse." Unknown I like this quote. It is so true!!! We have an amazing group of nurses, dedicated and determined,….willing to make sacrifices day in and day out, to ensure the care, safety and wellbeing of their patients is addressed each and every day. 

Colleen Cleroux: When I think of the team of nurses that I work with on the Sudbury Access Team, this quote by Maya Angelou immediately comes to mind, "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel." I am honored to lead a team of nurses, who remain compassionate during their interactions with the patients and fam​ilies that we serve. This is not an easy trait to maintain with all the demands of the current health care environment. Kudos to each of you, for touching so many lives, in a positive way! I am truly blessed, to work with each of you! Happy Nurses Week!!!      

Anna Bullock:​ I am so fortunate to work with such caring, compassionate, and dedicated nurses as my team of Care Coordi​nators. They quietly work behind the scenes, often unbeknownst to the patients or caregivers, to ensure that each patient gets the best possible care. With the increasing complexity and needs of our patient population, our Care Coordinators are continually advocating for their patient's needs. For many, who have no-one else to support or advocate for them, our Care Coordinators are their voice. 

​Marta Milks: I am fortunate to have a team of Nurse Care Coordinators who go well above and beyond expectations to ensure the well-being and safety of our patients. Not only are they caring and extremely responsible but really creative in finding innovative solutions to problems. 

Christianne Monico: My staff of Care Coordination Managers are highly skilled professionals who care about our patients, and because of that they are highly-respected by their staff. They are NURSES first who use their critical-thinking nursing skill-sets to support complex patient scenarios. What they do MATTERS and I am truly grateful for them each and every day!!! 

Stephanie Chevrette:​ My School Health/Paediatric Care Coordinators are some of the most amazing, empathetic and compassionate nurses and people! They always go above and beyond for our smallest patients to ensure they have the services in place so they can live at home and go to school. My team really has learned to work together to ensure there is always someone available to help families in need. 

Amy Mangone:​ Providing patient centered care when faced with large caseloads within an ever changing and growing organization is extremely challenging, but every day the nurses that work for the NE CCAC rise to challenge, providing exceptional care one patient at a time. 

Tammy Windsor:​ I am very proud of my Rapid Response and Telehomecare nurses. Both teams are very passionate about every single patient, every single visit, every single day! They always go the extra mile to make sure that patients have what they need and to ensure they are safe and comfortable at home. They truly do make a difference! I have the proof in all the compliments and patient stories I have been gathering. Great job, GREAT teams! "They may forget your name but they will never forget how you made them feel."  

Lily Petrus: In Praise of Care Coordinators ~ A Poem

​Paula Sylvestre: I would like for all the nurses on my team to know that they are much appreciated not only for this week, but every day. For each patient they see they make a difference in that person's life. They have the helping hands to assist our  patients in the challenges they may face. They also have the ability to learn from our patients journey's for helping the next patient.  Caring is the essential for nursing and I'm fortunate to have so many caring people on my team. Behind every good nurse is there support so shout out to our team assistants as well for all they do for our nurses. 

Sue Cecchini: The nurses in the Mental Health and Addictions in Schools program are dedicated, passionate nurses who are truly going the extra mile for the youth suffering from mental health and/or addiction problems, advocating for them to continue with their education so they can go on to be productive adults. The same can be said for the School Health Services/pediatric team, wo look tirelessly for all the potential resources that can assist families dealing with children with complex needs; they provide care, support and compassion to those who are in need of those very qualities when dealing with some the hardest times of their lives.