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Our commitment to French Language Services

Earlier this month, the North East CCAC received its official designation under the French Language Services Act, which means that any individual seeking care and support can receive their CCAC services in French.  

"Our patients have always had the right to receive home care services in the official language of their choice," says Richard Joly, CEO of the North East CCAC. "The Board of Directors made the decision to seek designation under the Act as a sign of our enhanced commitment to offering the same basket of health care services to patients in English and in French. This is at the core of our patient-centered approach and reflects our values of excellence, compassion and trust."   

As individuals, we can all identify with the importance of receiving health services in the language in which you are most comfortable. As health care providers, we know that if patients fully understand the care they are receiving and actively participate in their care plan, it can aid in their recovery.  

When Jacqueline Monette first contacted the North East CCAC, she was already struggling to cope with a variety of health issues, including a recent hip replacement. Adding to her anxiety and stress, Jacqueline was also making the transition from her own home to an apartment.  

Referred to the Social Work team, Jacqueline was able to participate in her one-on-one counselling sessions in French – her language of choice.  

"I love that I was able to receive all my services in French," says Jacqueline. "Change is hard, and I was going through a lot, but my social worker really helped me feel better about the different transitions I was going through. I'm glad I could share my true emotions in the language of my choice." 

Jacqueline's social worker, Melissa Major (pictured right), admits that offering services in French is both a pleasure and a privilege.  "The pleasure comes from the gratitude our patients feel when they can truly express how they are feeling during a time of need. The privilege is the ability to create a strong therapeutic relationship with the patient and encourage them to actively participate in their care plan by communicating their needs clearly and comfortably."  

As for Jacqueline, she has progressed smoothly through her care plan and is feeling better every day. "I can explain to my social worker how I'm feeling and process those feelings without hesitation because I'm expressing myself in French. It means a lot to me."

To contact the North East CCAC (in either French or English) please call 310-2222. No area code required.