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Partner Engagement

Small and rural hospitals are often the backbone of their communities, and inevitably, health care providers in these areas know what works best in the delivery of acute and community care. The North East CCAC is leading a number of facilitated engagement activities for senior leaders over the next few months to:

  • review the current situation in your community;
  • provide examples of collaborative options that have worked well in other regions; and,
  • have a more generative discussion on the three recommendations from the Collaborative Capacity Analysis (CCA) Report that could affect small hospitals in the North East.  

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In addition, the North East CCAC and the North East LHIN are working collaboratively to specifically address Recommendation #6 from the CCA: "The NE LHIN and NE CCAC should develop a service model for smaller communities such that local health service providers (e.g. hospitals, family health teams) can be contracted to provide home care services." 

Phase 1 (December 2014 to April 2015) of this engagement will target the communities of Smooth Rock Falls, Hearst, Kapuskasing and Chapleau. As this engagement involves a variety of local health care organizations, we see it as complementary to the specific, targeted initiatives that we will develop between the North East CCAC and our small hospital partners.

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