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Spotlight on Wound Care Primary Protocol

Since its launch two years ago, the North East CCAC's Patient Centred Wound Care Program (PCWCP) has reduced pain and improved healing times and quality of life for our patients.

An ongoing quality improvement project, the Wound Care team's focus has been front line education and hands on training, united and supported by the development of clinical pathways and use of advanced medical supplies.

With enhanced evidence-based wound care protocols promoting faster healing, our CCAC has been able to see more patients (7866 last year as compared to 7044 in 2012), and has reduced length of stay for complex chronic patients by 15 days.

"Wounds are the primary reason for nursing visits. A slow to heal wound is costly from a systemic standpoint, but more importantly, is costly to our patients' well-being," says Melanie Tulini, Engagement Lead, North East CCAC. "Ensuring we are using best practices and consistent protocols is good for the patient, and good for the system."  

One important tool currently in use is the Wound Care Primary Protocol, which is seeing its use by health care partners increase. It has received positive feedback as an improvement in the communication between care providers like hospitals, primary care physicians, nurse practitioners and service provider organizations, informing all involved in the circle of care of shared patients as to what is required with regard to order, dressing types, frequency of dressing changes and general condition of the wound.

Another benefit of the PCWCP has been the strengthening of relationships with our community partners like, by promoting an exchange of ideas and input into the enhancement of clinical pathways. While not every clinical pathway or protocol has been adopted, a healthy dialogue and exchange of ideas and philosophies continues to take place that may shape the enhancement of future clinical pathways. 

Recently, the CCAC's Melanie Tulini and Dr. Raymond Hendel discussed wound care philosophies and practices at his clinic at Health Sciences North (HSN). Tulini was invited to give a presentation on the CCAC's primary care protocol with HSN's staff and management.