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The ‘Modernization’ of Home and Community Care

The media spotlight has certainly been focused on the home and community care sector in recent weeks, and many people are expressing their opinions on how the system should be re-structured. While there are many different views out here, the one thing we know for sure is that the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, Dr. Eric Hoskins, has made a personal commitment to strengthen home and community care across the province, within a renewed and integrated health care system.  

So what does all this mean? I think it's safe to say that some form of change is coming. Exactly how our system will be impacted will become clearer in the coming weeks and months.  

Minister Hoskins has publicly noted that CCAC staff, leadership and care coordinators will continue to be essential in delivering home care and meeting the needs of Ontario's ageing population and the increasing number of patients who want to receive care at home. 

Here in the North East, our focus will be on ensuring patients are getting the care they need and that our teams are supported in providing that care. Patients and their caregivers can be reassured that there will be no disruption to their services during this time of system renewal.  

Our CCAC supports any structure that results in enhanced care for our patients. The demand for quality home and community care will only increase in the coming years and we are proud to play such a key role in delivering these services to patients and their families across the North East.    

Richard Joly, CEO
North East CCAC

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