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Hogarth Riverview Manor Expansion

Hogarth Riverview Manor Expansion Building image.

The Hogarth Riverview Manor Expansion Project is well under way and scheduled to officially open in October 2015.  At the time of completion Dawson Court and Grandview Lodge will be closing.  The North West Community Care Access Centre, the City of Thunder Bay and St. Joseph's Care Group are coordinating efforts to ensure the process is clear and transitions are smooth.   

This project will result in the transfer of up to 300 residents from the two closing homes into the new expanded Hogarth Riverview Manor.  The transition to the new facility of this size is unprecedented in the North West, and will be one of the largest ever done in Ontario. 

The North West CCAC will be a large part of the communication, counselling, and admission process in this large move.  It is imperative that the residents and families feel they are informed, understood, and cared for when they choose options and make decisions.  In the end this new expansion will improve the Long-Term Care beds in Thunder Bay, and will strengthen the relationship between all the partners involved. Updates on the progress of the expansion  can be found at Centre of Excellence for Integrated Seniors' Services.


Click below for the Hogarth Riverview Manor infographic hosted by St. Joseph's Care Group.