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Wait Time / Waitlist Information

Access to timely care is important to patients and caregivers, and is a measure of the quality of health care that a person receives. Our Care Coordinators assess a person's care needs to determine which services, and how urgently services, are needed. Patients who need care urgently will get the care they need right away, while people with less urgent or complex care needs may wait for their services to start or be connected with a community resource.


Wait Times

With a specific emphasis on reducing wait times for patients with the greatest need, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care introduced a new measure for access to timely care, a five-day wait time for home nursing visits and personal support visits for patients with complex care needs.

We measure our ability to provide care within five days of assessment by a Care Coordinator. We measure this for all patients who need nursing, as well as for complex patients who need personal support.

The table below will help you understand how quickly we are able to get care to patients.


Percentage of Patients Receiving Care within 5 days
North West LHIN Home and Community Care

Data for December, 2017

Nursing Personal Support for Complex Patients


North West LHIN Home and Community Care continuously reviews referral processes to identify nursing services and personal support for complex patients that fall outside the target. The measure is the time from when the care plan is developed until the date of the first visit. There are reasons for start dates to be delayed and North West LHIN Home and Community Care now records these reasons to see if any patients truly waited for service in the past 5 days.

The reasons are:

Clinical need for service to begin on a specific day; this service is being preplanned; Patient has chosen to delay service initiation. The largest reason for services falling outside the service guideline in the North West LHIN Home and Community Care is due to preplanned service for nursing and personal support.



We are not always able to provide certain services to all patients, and must place some patients on a waitlist until capacity to provide that service becomes available. When a waitlist exists for a service, it is usually due to limited resources to provide the service; we prioritize providing care to their patients with the most urgent and complex care needs. A waitlist may also exist for certain services because there are too few clinicians in the community with the necessary expertise.

The tables below indicate how many people are on waitlists for certain services within Home and Community Care at the North West LHIN.  


Number of Patients on Waitlists for Services
North West LHIN Home and Community Care

As of April 16, 2018

  Nursing Services Personal Support Services Physiotherapy Occupational Therapy Speech Language Therapy Nutrition Social Work


In- Home Services
















School Services