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North West CCAC

North West Community Profile

Service Area Profile

  • ~ 231,000 Residents
  • 458,010 Square kilometres (47% of Ontario's total land mass)
  • 13 Hospitals
  • 15 Family Health Teams across 19 FHT sites
  • 2 Community Health Centres across 4 CHC sites
  • 21 Long-Term Care Homes
  • 10 School Boards
  • 111 Schools
  • 61 Community Support Agencies
  • 34 Community Mental Health and Addictions Services
  • 5 Community Health Links (NW CCAC is coordinator for City of Thunder Bay Health Link)


Additional Information:

  • Highest proportion of Aboriginal People in the Province (19.2%)



Annual budget: $52.2 million (FY2013/2014)

Providing care to 14,440 patients each year. 162 FTE who: 

  • Support over 4,497 patients in transitioning from hospital to home each year
  • Support 538 patients moving to long term care each year
  • Support over 2,133  children each year
  • 1,363 Clients with MAPLe Scores High and Very High Living in the community Supported by CCAC
  • 74% of clients placed in LTCH with MAPLe scores High and Very High


Additional Information:

  • Primary Care Connection Rates
    • 40% of FHTs
    • 50% of CHCs
  • One telehomecare project for Thunder Bay with regional expansion to one community in the East and one in the West.  Will continue to expand throughout the region. 
  • Completed 11,561 visits with people to talk about what services they need to be as independent as possible
  • Work directly with more than 191 primary care providers
  • Connected 949 people to a primary care provider
  • Cared for over 412 palliative care patients