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North West CCAC Leadership Expenses - Archived

​Expenses are listed by quarter. A lack of expense report for any leadership member indicates the member submitted no expenses for that quarter.

2016/2017 Leadership expenses

Q1 (April-June)​Q2 (July-Sept)​Q3 (Oct-Dec)​Q4 (Jan-Mar)
Victor ChapaisVictor ChapaisVictor Chapais
Paula DonylykPaula DonylykTuija Puiras
​Linda McClellandBrad Coslett
Tuija Puiras​Tuija Puiras


2015/16 Leadership Expenses

  Q1 (April-June)

​  Q2 (July-Sept)

​Q3 (Oct-Dec)           

​Q4 (Jan-Mar)
Victor ChapaisVictor Chapais​Victor Chapais           Victor Chapais    
Eric Long​Eric LongLinda McClelland​Paula Donylyk
​Shelby Poletti​James RestallTuija Puiras ​Tuija Puiras
​Tuija PuirasPaula Donylyk
James Restall


 2014-2015 Leadership Expenses

Q1 (April-June)​Q2 (July-Sept)​Q3 (Oct-Dec)​Q4(Jan-Mar)
​Tuija PuirasTuija PuirasTuija PuirasPaula Donylyk
​Paula DonylykPaula DonylykPaula Donylyk​​
Brad Coslett​Hal FjelstedHal Fjelsted
​Ed MorrissetteRob StinchcombeRob Stinchcombe