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Mental Health and Addictions Nurses

alt=""Students sometimes face immense social and educational pressures both at home and school. These pressures can result in mental health or addiction issues that may be difficult to manage on your own. Or, these stresses can be more difficult to manage because of a pre-existing mental health issue.

We work with local school boards and community partners to support our young patients with mental health and addictions to help them stay at school, and succeed.

If you are struggling with depression, addiction or other mental health issues, we can help support you to get the care you need. 


Supporting kids and teens at school

Schools are at the forefront of dealing with mental health and addictions issues experienced by children and youth.  We work with the school boards to first identify those in need of care, and then provide supports for the schools you attend.

The services offered by these nurses complement the programs already provided through schools and community-based mental health and addiction organizations.

How can Mental Health and Addiction Nurses help?

We focus on the success of students with mental health or addiction issues, helping you thrive at school, remain in school, or successfully transition back to school after being in the hospital.

We work together with school boards, teachers and community-based organizations to support you and your family as you deal with mental health and addictions issues. 

Our support might include:

  • Meeting with you one-on-one in your home or at school
  • Providing mental health and addictions education to you and your family
  • Providing short-term therapy
  • Connecting with your family doctor and your school
  • Helping you understand your medications
  • Assisting you in transitioning back to school from a hospital or other health institution
  • Connecting you to mental health and addictions services in your community
  • Assisting you to cope with mental health and addiction issues
  • Giving you the tools to stay in school, thrive in school, and manage your future with success

Who is eligible for these services?

Mental Health and Addictions Nursing is available to children and youth in schools who may have mild to complex mental health and/or substance abuse issues.  As well, this program supports students who are transitioning back to school from the hospital or other care setting.

Access to this program is available by referral, through your local school board.

You may wish to contact your/your child or youth's school, or us if you feel these services will be helpful.

To find out more about mental health and addictions nursing, contact us »