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Community Nursing Clinics

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In partnership with contracted nursing provider partners, we provide nursing care through community clinics in the region. In support of timely access to care, patients can access a community nursing clinic seven days a week, during daytime and evening hours, with flexibility to schedule appointments at times convenient to them.   

What are the benefits to attending a nursing clinic? 

  • ​Appointments are scheduled in advance and patients will experience timely access to care to limit disruption to their normal routine.

  • Clinic nurses are experts in intravenous therapy, wound care, and other nursing treatments.

  • With patient consent, nurses will speak with the primary care provider to address any concerns that may arise.​​

What is the difference between a nursing clinic and a medical walk-in clinic?
  • They are not ‘open to the public’, as our Nursing Clinics are only open to our patients receiving care.

  • Our Nursing Clinics are covered by OHIP.

  • Our Nursing Clinics do not have physicians onsite.

  • There are no ‘walk-in’ appointments.  All visits are scheduled in advance at a time convenient to the patient.​

Nursing Clinic Appointments

All patients (adult and youth) receiving nursing service through us will receive care at a community nursing clinic. A member of our care team will make the referral to the clinic for a patient and the clinic will call the patient to book an appointment. 

If a nursing clinic is not an appropriate treatment location, or available in the area a patient resides, the patient will be contacted directly and an alternate care setting will be arranged. 

Patients are provided with a phone number to contact the nursing clinic should an appointment need to be changed. It is asked that a minimum notification of 24 hours is given if an appointment needs to be changed.

Patients are to bring identification and their OHIP health card to all appointments.​


Clinic Locations


Barrie Area

​Saint Elizabeth

11 Lakeside Terrace, Suite 201 

Barrie, ON 

(705) 737-5055 Ext. 5818​

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Bayshore Home Health

480 Huronia Road, Suite 204C

Barrie, ON

(705) 722-8993​


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Collingwood Area

Saint Elizabethcollingwood clinic.png

186 Erie Street, Suite 203

Collingwood, ON

(705) 737-5055

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Orillia Area  

Bayshore Home Health​

210 Memorial Avenue, Unit 125

Orillia, ON

(705) 722-8993

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Huntsville Area

Closing The Gap Healthcare

395 Centre Street North, Suite 202

Huntsville, ON  

(705) 788-9355

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transportation resources in the region.


Access to transportation resources, directions and clinic information is also available on or by calling us seven days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. at 705-721-8010 or Toll Free: 1-888-721-2222.


Print the handouts below:  

Our Community Nursing Clinics - All Locations
Clinic vs. In-Home Eligibility