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Selecting a Home

A long-term care home setting could be the right option for you. Once you have made this important decision and confirmed your eligibility, it is now time to find the right home that is best suited to your needs. 

Your Care Coordinator will discuss all options, including providing options for long-term care homes. You can apply to as many as five homes.   

Each long-term care home has its own features, amenities and 'personality'. You or someone you trust should visit the long-term care homes you are considering before you decide to apply. 

Your Care Coordinator has extensive experience helping people to research and select the right home for them, and can share valuable advice that will help you narrow down your choices.

The following are a list of all long-term care homes in North Simcoe Muskoka by geography (the local sub-region).  

Barrie and Area​ ​
​​Bob Rumball Long Term Care Home for the DeafRoberta Place
Coleman Care CentreSara Vista Long Term Care Home
I.O.O.F. Seniors Home IncVictoria Village Manor
Mill Creek Care Centre Grove Park Home for Senior Citizens
Owen Hill Care Community Woods Park Care Centre


South Georgian Bay​ ​
Collingwood Nursing Home Limited Bay Haven Care Community 
Creedan Valley Care Community Stayner Care Centre
Sunset Manor Home for Senior Citizens


​ ​North Simcoe
Georgian ManorVilla Care Centre (The)
​ ​Hillcrest Village Care Centre


Muskoka ​ ​
Fairvern Nursing Home ProgramMuskoka Landing Long Term Care
Muskoka Shores Care Community The Pines long-term Care Residence Program


Couchiching​ ​
Leacock Care Centre Oak Terrace
Spencer House Care CommunityTrillium Manor Home


**  Additional videos are available on short stay respite, the regional convalescent care program and the differences between retirement homes and long-term care homes.

Questions to consider when researching homes:


1. Is the staff friendly, warm and concerned? 

2. Do residents look content and well cared for?

3. Is there a tone of dignity and respect for the residents?

4. Is the home convenient for family and friends to visit?

5. Are there areas in the home where you can visit privately?

6. Is public or volunteer transportation available?

7. Is there flexibility around visiting hours?

8. What are the rules regarding vacation and leaves?

9. Do the activities at the home sound interesting and appealing? 

10. Are family members involved in planning for the resident's care? 

11. Does the home support a Family Council? 

12. Is the home able to meet your religious, cultural, language and dietary needs? 

13. Are there mealtime choices, including menu, location, and times?  

14. Can residents bring in their own food? 

15. Can you arrange to sample a meal or participate in an activity at the home? 

16. What are the policies around smoking, non-smoking and alcoholic beverages? 

17. Is your family doctor able to continue providing care? 

18. What special needs can the home accommodate (e.g. oxygen, scooters, electric wheelchairs)?  

19. Can you bring your own furnishings? 

20. Is there an option to keep your personal belongings secure (e.g. lockable drawers)? 

21. Does the home require that clothing be labeled prior to moving in? 

22. How is billing arranged? 

23. What are the extra charges, if any, for personal needs and services? 

24. Is the home accredited? 

25. Have you checked the Facility Review Summary Report, the Ministry's most recent annual review of each long-term care home?

You may also want to contact Concerned Friends of Ontario Citizens in Care Facilities, a volunteer organization that provides a more extensive checklist for selecting a long-term care home.