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Preparing for a Home Visit by a

Healthcare Provider

There are times when healthcare providers will come to a person's home. It is important to prepare for a home visit to support the safety of the care provider coming into your home.

Preparing for a Visit

  • Tell your Care Coordinator about any special circumstances about your home.
  • Have an area available for hand washing with liquid soap and paper towels.
  • Keep walkways cleared of ice and snow.
  • Do not plan for guests or calls during your home visit with your care provider and anyone you wish to be there as part of your care team.
  • Give reasonable notice to your care provider if you need to cancel or reschedule your service.

During the Visit

  • Refrain from smoking and alcohol use.
  • Avoid wearing (perfume/cologne) or burning (candles/incense) scented products.
  • Secure your pets unless you have a service animal permitted to accompany you.
  • Minimize noise and distractions.
  • Store and lock all fire arms and weapons in accordance to law.

For Your Safety

As part of our commitment to your safety all members of your care team wear a photo identification badge that shows their name, picture and their care agency. To support your safety:

  • Always ask to see their identification when coming to our home.
  • If you are not sure of someone's identity, do not allow them to come into your home. Call us first to confirm their identity: 705-721-8010 or 1-888-721-2222.
  • Members of your care team practice hand hygiene and may wear protective equipment (e.g., gloves, mask, goggles, gown) to protect you and the community. If you experience care provided at your home, and your provider wears protective equipment, it will be left behind for you to dispose of in the regular garbage to prevent the spread of infection. For more information, please contact us.
  • Our Care Coordinators and Service Providers do NOT need any information about your bank accounts, credit cards, Personal Identification Number (PIN), or you debit cards. Patients who are applying to Long-Term Care Homes must provide some financial information such as Old Age Security, but not baking information. If someone in your care requests this information, DO NOT share it. Please advise us immediately or call your local police.