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Our Performance

We are committed to delivering high-quality care and to being as transparent as possible about the care we provide. We are also committed to continuous improvement, and receiving regular feedback through patient surveys to ensure we are providing the best quality care.


We are decreasing patient wait times for home care services.  In fact, over the past three years, we have reduced wait times by 24 per cent for 9 out of 10 patients. Find out more about our wait time improvements, and how we're working to standardize wait time reporting. 

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We are striving to continuously improve patient care. Our outcome-based approach concentrates on getting the best possible results for patients using individual care plans based on best evidence and practices.  Learn more about our quality improvement initiatives and access our Quality Report.

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Reports, Plans and Agreements

We are committed to an open and transparent relationship with clients and the public. Learn more about the inner-workings of Home and Community Care Support Services by taking a look at annual business plans, audited financial statements, expense reports and more.   

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