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Care in the Home for the Smiths

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When Mr. Smith of 86 years is asked to share his experience caregiving for his wife, 7 years his junior, he reflected on her battle with cancer. “I have been doing it ever since she came out of hospital,” he says. “It has been going on over 4 years. As far as we know the cancer is cured but she has a stoma and hernias that make it hard for her to get up and down.”

Mrs. Smith also has arthritis and is managing her diabetes. Both are thankful for their Care Coordinator who connected them with a personal support worker (PSW) to provide care for Mrs. Smith at home. “The PSW is really good. She does her shower and I am no good to help with the stoma,” says Mr. Smith, who wants the best care and support for his wife.

His support with dishes, the laundry and vacuuming are important to Mrs. Smith. “I appreciate what he’s doing and then the PSW comes in,” she shares. “When I get sick he’s right there. I don’t say it enough but it’s in my heart – he’s got me spoiled I think. We have a good life together, 63 years you know, there’s not too many of that today.”

Mr. Smith shares, “There’s nothing I can’t handle after 63 years. To me, in my heart, I like to do things for my wife in our own home. The way it is right now, the PSW is in 3 times a week and the rest I manage fine. We get around good that way.” When asked what advice he had for other caregivers he simply stated, “Do your best for your spouse.”



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1,120,000 hours of personal support
service were provided in 2014-15.

85% of personal support hours
supported seniors to remain at home.

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