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Greetings from the Board Chair and CEO

​The North Simcoe Muskoka Community Care Access Centre (NSM CCAC) is pleased to present our Annual Report demonstrating our commitment to delivering outstanding care with the resources entrusted to our organization. In 2014/15, we connected more patients to the health services they needed than ever before to stay well at home or transition to a new care setting. We experienced significant demand for our services and continuously sought new opportunities to expand, improve our services, and develop new partnerships to meet the needs of an aging population.

We are proud of the many significant outcomes achieved over the past year, including improved wait times for personal support and nursing services. Ninety-five percent of all patients requiring nursing care received their first visit within 5 days or less; over eighty percent of complex patients requiring personal support received their
first visit within 5 days or less. Reducing wait
times for patients has led to increased patient
satisfaction and improvements in the delivery of care.


Colleen Geiger
Board Chair

Megan Allen-Lamb_web.jpg 

Megan Allen-Lamb
Chief Executive Officer

Through direct engagement with patients and caregivers, we redesigned our service delivery model to be better integrated with primary care. Over ninety-five percent of primary care physicians in North Simcoe Muskoka are now connected with a single CCAC Care Coordinator. Ensuring patients receive care from an integrated care team connected with primary care improves clinical outcomes and the overall patient experience.

With our community and hospital partners we implemented new innovative programs and services such as, telehomecare, residential hospice care, and community paramedicine. As a result, we were we able to serve 10 percent more patients with complex care needs in community, bringing care into the homes of nearly 25,000 patients. Further to this, our Care Coordinators helped close to 10,000 patients in making safe transitions from hospital to home with collaborative care plans.

As we reflect on this past year, and also look forward, we are encouraged that community care continues to be a top priority for the Ontario Government as they look to better integrate all parts of the system and deliver quality care, closer to home. We are grateful to the North Simcoe Muskoka Local Health Integration Network for the investments made in our CCAC to improve, innovate, and expand the care we provide to the thousands of patients and caregivers we serve each day. As an accountable steward of resources, we ensured the most efficient and effective use of all funding in the best interests of patients, caregivers, and the public. 

In closing, we invite you to read through our Annual Report that highlights our commitment to patient centered care told through the stories of our patients and caregivers, accompanied by key facts and figures that demonstrate our unwavering commitment to quality and accountability at all levels.