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Harold Monitors His Health at Home

Harold Telehomecare website_test.pngSitting with his wife of 45 years on a park bench with a view of Lake Simcoe, Harold started to have difficulty breathing. Oxygen from the tank he brought didn’t help, so Judy called 911. “We could hear the ambulance coming,” recalls Harold. “I got on the stretcher and I don’t remember anything after that. I was in the ICU for a couple of days on life support.”

Harold has experienced triple bypass surgery and at 72 years of age, is living with diabetes,
congestive heart failure and has difficulty breathing. Harold shares, “My diaphragm is paralyzed. Only one of my lungs is working so I am short of breath all the time. I sit down
for 2 minutes and then I am okay.”

Referred to the NSM CCAC Telehomecare program by his doctor after coming home from hospital, Harold was connected to Joanne, a CCAC nurse. Over 6 months, Harold had weekly health coaching calls with Joanne and monitored his vital signs and symptoms daily. “It was the first thing I did every morning when I got up,” says Harold. “I’d check my weight, blood pressure and my oxygen level every day, just to see how everything was going.” Harold would then use a tablet to input his health information, which was then transmitted to Joanne. “Joanne would call once a week, and if there was a problem she’d call right away. She encouraged me to ask questions,” states Harold.

Working with Joanne, Harold met all of his care goals and reflected on the experience. “The main thing is that you’re doing it every day and you are aware of how things are going,” he explains. “I still take readings once a week. Definitely a positive experience.”


"It is my privilege to work with Harold and Judy as they put their learning into practical ways to improve their health. It is very rewarding watching a transformation take place in chronic disease management and I look forward to this type of nursing continuing to be a vital part of the community care setting."

Joanne Walker, CCAC Telehomecare Nurse

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​In 2014-15, people living with congestive heart failure (CHF) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) were enrolled in the CCAC's new Telehomecare Program.

Key Facts Icon - Website.jpgSince June, over 2,670 health coaching and alert management calls with patients and their families were completed.

Of the patients enrolled, 36% live with CHF and 64% live with COPD.

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