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Stella Starts the Conversation


Most people do not plan for their future care needs as they age, or do not know where
to start. For Stella and Albert Quesnelle, having an advance care plan supported their readiness to make decisions when health and support needs changed. They had a close relationship to a Care Coordinator over the 6 years that Albert received more care at home as his needs increased for nursing, medication management, equipment, physiotherapy and personal support. As her husband’s substitute decision maker and primary caregiver, ensuring access to services to support them both became important to act on when Stella became ill.

“Al needed 24-hour care, so what do you do when the kids have to be called in for 24
hours?” remarks Stella. “I wasn’t feeling good so we decided between Al and I that we would
sell our home.” Stella and Al moved from their family farm of 60 years to an apartment. Sharing their advanced care plan with their children and Albert’s Care Coordinator supported
taking next steps in their care journey that were both timely and important to them. Part of
planning their move considered access to care facilities within their community. A community
of Stella’s Métis heritage. “I’m never lonely for the other place,” she says. “This is home and
there’s so much activity here. It’s really wonderful.”

Soon after moving, Al’s care needs required the support of a long-term care home, and
in benefit to their planning, Al experienced access to care he needed, when he needed it.

Stella believes in the importance of advanced care planning and asking friends about their care wishes. For Stella, the conversation starts with, “If you don’t plan, what happens if you fall sick?”


Key Facts Icon - Website.jpg4,450 individuals were assisted in making a transition to a new care setting (e.g., convalescent care, assisted living, long-term care).

80% of patients who transitioned to long-term care had complex or very complex needs.


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