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Bryan Benefits from a Coordinated Approach to Care

"Ever since my stroke, my biggest fear was being alone." Now, Bryan doesn't worry.  "Halo has brought my independence back.  If I fall, call for help, go unconscious, Halo will bark.  I feel safe."  Until recently, housing was a worry for Bryan as well.  He needed a place to live and by linking to the Housing Resource Centre, a new apartment has become his home.  "I am there for good. It's all I've ever wanted.  I am happier about Halo's transition there and her comfort.  If she's not well then she can't help me."

Help is also being provided through the new South Georgian Bay Health Link.  There, Bryan meets with health care providers and his CCAC Care Coordinator to identify what is important to him and discuss supports and resources available to help meet his needs.  "I am in the driver seat and they're navigating."

Of greatest benefit, Bryan said, "They've given me my self-respect back. It's kind of amazing once you get your life sorted out, and get important people in it that give you a hand.  It makes it easier. I still pay my bills, I still run my household.  I am not looking for a hand out, but a hand up."


Key Facts

  1. The CCAC provides home care to over 3,300 patients with complex needs to support them in the community.
  2. In total, 92% of our budget is allocated to patient care services.


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