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Jaimz Volunteers with Home for Life

Throughout North Simcoe Muskoka communities, you will find a variety of services to help you live safely at home, connected to your community.  In South Georgian Bay, the Home for Life program involves over 90 volunteers who give their time for free to support seniors in the community.  Volunteers like Amanda and Jaimz.

Amanda felt it was important that her 3-year old son Jaimz learn the value of volunteering and registered with the program.  They were connected to Errol, a senior who called Home For Life shortly after his wife passed away.  He was lonely and wanted an occasional visitor; due to his arthritis he also needed some assistance in the home.

"I don't think I'd ever find anybody so warm and welcoming as the whole family is," shared Errol.  Jaimz knows how to move stuff out of Errol's way so he doesn't trip and has developed a sense of giving back to others through volunteering with Home for Life.

To Errol and his dog Sophie, Amanda and Jaimz are more than volunteers. "They've brought back a lot to me. Independence is precious.  They have proved to be just wonderful in my life. It's something that I cherish. I would hate to lose it."



  1. The CCAC team handles over 29,000 calls in any given year for community support services.
  2. 98% of patients and caregivers reported that they would recommend the CCAC to family and friends if they needed help getting connected to care.
  3. There are over 3,500 local health services available across North Simcoe Muskoka.