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Kaiden Goes to School

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Care for 5 year old Kaiden started right from the beginning.  "We've always had care of some kind because it started as soon as he came home," said Jeremy. "As a parent of a specialty needs kid, you have to be part parent, part nurse, part physiotherapist. A lot of people ask us how we do it. I never even held a baby before I had my own. He's all we know, and we've had this amazing amount of support from the beginning."

Sabrina, a NSM CCAC Care Coordinator supporting children with complex care needs, ensures that the entire team is working towards the goals for the whole family.  A significant goal in Kaiden's care plan was transitioning to school.

"One of our goals on transition to school was to see him attend school 50% of the time.  He far exceeded that goal and has thrived," said Sabrina. "To play a role in a child's life and see them succeed is just awesome."

Today, kaiden is attending full-time senior kindergarten 5 days a week. He is in the caring hands of an Educational Assistant in the school, received nursing care twice a day for feeding and has access to therapy onsite through the Children's Treatment Network.

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