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Tom is Connected to Palliative Care

​When Tom's dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness last year, Nancy, a CCAC Care Coordinator, urged them to talk about the future. "That was very important in my mind to have done," stated Tom. "To talk about end-of-life and things that will happen along the way – certain stages. It is important to empower the person with the illness. When you're assigned the power of attorney for a loved one, and you have to make these decisions, it's so much easier on the heart and the mind if you have had these  conversations ahead of time. I would like to think it gave Dad a sense of peace to know a loved one he's entrusted with his care is making the right decisions, based on his wishes."


As his Dad's illness progressed, Tom was connected to Lia, a CCAC Palliative Nurse Practitioner, and Dr. Deb Harrold, with the Algonquin Family Health Team who specializes in palliative care. "I could see things happening but I didn't know what was normal…what was related to the disease," shared Tom. "It was a sigh of relief when they walked onto the scene." For Tom, they were able to keep him informed of what was happening and what he could anticipate.


"We aim to achieve good quality palliative care, symptom support or end-of-life care for patients at home if that's where they wish to be."

-Lia, Palliative Nurse Practitioner 



  1. The CCAC supports over 1,400 patients to receive quality palliative care.

  2. Of the patients receiving palliative care, 23% are under the age of 65.

  3. The CCAC expanded the care team with 5 Hospice Palliative Nurse Practitioners to support access to palliative and end-of-life care in one's home or place of choice.