CCAC Provincial Boundary Map


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South East


Home care was established in Ontario in 1970 and is a fast-growing part of the formal health-care system. Since its beginnings, Ontario's home care system has gone through many changes; evolving and growing to become the comprehensive system that it is today.


In 1996, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care established CCACs to provide a first point of contact for public access to government-funded home care, community services and long-term care homes. At that time, 43 CCACs were established in communities across the province.


In 2007, these 43 offices were aligned with the 14 LHINs (Local Health Integration Networks). There are now 14 CCACs operating in every community across Ontario. A single CCAC can have a head office with multiple branch offices as well as a presence in hospitals and other health-care settings.