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South East CCAC

South East Community Profile

​Service area Profile

  • 500,000 residents
  • 20,000 square kilometres
  • 7 hospitals operating out of 14 sites
  • 15 Family Health Teams
  • 5 Community Health Centres
  • 36 Long-Term Care Homes
  • 61 retirement residences
  • 6 school boards
  • 208 schools
  • 3 residential hospices
  • 42 Community Support Agencies
  • 7 Community Health Links


CCAC Care Profile

$119.9 million annual budget (FY2013/2014)

Providing care to 33,532 patients each year. 354.2 FTE who:

  • Support over 12,071 patients in transitioning from hospital to home each year
  • Support 1,426 patients moving to long term care each year
  • Support over 3,741 children each year
  • Help an additional 4,350 patients through Information and Referral services each year
  • Monthly average of clients with MAPLe scores high and very high living in the community supported by CCAC: 2978
  • 78% of clients placed in LTCH with MAPLe scores High and Very High


Additional Information:

  • Primary Care Connection Rates
    • 33% of FHTs
    • Not connected with CHCs
  • Not involved in any telehomecare projects