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South East

CCAC celebrates another successful year

The South East Community Care Access Centre celebrated another successful year at its Annual General Meeting in Kingston on June 18.

"We provided care to nearly 38,000 residents of Southeastern Ontario and we balanced our budget," said David Vigar, Chair of the South East CCAC Board of Directors.

"We have a responsibility to understand the needs of our communities, that we collaborate effectively and that we use our resources judiciously.  Over the next year, the CCAC will focus on engaging more fully with our patients and their caregivers and our partners to improve access to high quality care through the development of a sustainable system of integrated care."

"We are always looking for new ways to provide care and enhance the patient experience," said Vigar. "As we move forward, we are looking at using technology to empower patients and drive efficiency. One such technology is the This powerful website puts reliable information in the hands of the public who can find information about thousands of services available to them with a few clicks. This site has grown steadily in it usage and we saw an average of 17,000 users each month over the last year.

"Over the coming year we will also be piloting the use of mobile technology to enhance the delivery of patient care in the home. Technologies such as eHome Care improves patient experience and increases the amount of direct time providers spend with patients."

In 2014/2015, South East CCAC provided care to more than 35,769 people including: 22,314 patients receiving care at home; 15,710 seniors who were supported to stay in their homes independently; and 3,899 children receiving health services at school.

"We served more patients and more people with high needs than ever before," said Jacqueline Redmond, CEO of the South East CCAC. "We are grateful to our contracted service providers and other partners for helping us provide this care. We are working with our Health Link partners to determine how CCAC Care Coordination can be best utilized to deliver care to this population. Care Coordinators are the heart and soul of home and community care and possess the essential assessment skills to help patients and their families access the care they need."

The board said good-bye to board member Marion Hughes and welcomed new member Jeff Ridgeway.  "It has been a pleasure to work with this board and staff of the CCAC," said Hughes. "The community is fortunate to have such skilled staff and competent leadership at this CCAC."

New member Jeff Ridgeway is the Executive Director of the Kingston Family Health Team - a team of 21 Physicians, with Independent Health Providers and administrative staff providing primary care through five sites to approximately 30,000 patients in Kingston.

The Board of Directors for 2015/16 consists of Chair David Vigar (Picton), Vice-Chair Deanna Dulmage (Belleville), Secretary Wendy Cuthbert (Brockville), Vicki Ifill (Kingston) Treasurer Ray Marshall (Brockville), Emily Leslie (Kingston), Francyne St Pierre-Givogue (Kingston), Murray Smith (Kingston), Jeff Ridgeway (Kingston), Bruce Maitland (Belleville) and Georgina Shaw (Brighton).


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