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CCAC moves to electronic patient file

The South East Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) is pleased to announce that we are now working on a project to move our paper patient records to a secure online database for improved access by authorized personnel.  The new electronic patient record system is made up of two key software databases; the Client Health Related Information System (CHRIS) and the Xerox document management system known as Docushare. This is an exciting opportunity for us to create an electronic patient record and improve access to patient information for South East CCAC teams. This initiative will also save money by reducing the time spent searching for documents and avoiding the printing of documents.

The move to an electronic Patient Record will mean that Care Coordination teams will be able to view the Patient's Chart over a secure link to our central servers from the patient's home, any of our office spaces or from other locations in South Eastern Ontario.  This also means we have the capability to search for patient information quickly and avoid the delays associated with printing, sorting and filing paper documents.  Our Care Coordinators will be able to share information with regional clinicians and our Service Providers to help them give better support to our patients.

The Document Management System (DMS) will store "Patient Related" documents electronically.  Documents can be received via any method (Fax, Scan, Mail, other) and we'll place them into the DMS with links created to the South East CCAC Client Health Related Information System (CHRIS).  The ability to have this data available in CHRIS will enable a new level of automation for us to store client information in the South Eeast CCAC. 

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