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CCAC opens more clinics to meet growing demand


The South East CCAC provides access to community care. This includes care in the home and alternate settings such as clinics. Due to the success of its initial five nursing clinics, the South East CCAC has opened a number of new clinics.

Since the first clinics opened in 2009, the CCAC has tracked the patient experience and 98 per cent of patients have said their overall experience with the clinics has been positive in terms of convenience and care received. Virtually all of the patients surveyed said the nurses were knowledgeable and competent and they received their care promptly at the appointed time.

"These are not walk-in clinics but they are a convenient option for people who are eligible to receive nursing services from the CCAC," said Jacqueline Redmond, CEO of the South East CCAC. "Referrals to the clinics are made by our care coordinators for appropriate CCAC patients. One of the key benefits for patients is that they can make an appointment to receive their care at a time that is convenient for them rather than waiting at home.

"Clinics are a win-win for patients and the health system. Not only do patients rate the experience favourably, in a clinic nurses can provide health services to as many people as possible in the community, which can decrease the number of people who have to visit an emergency room or be admitted to hospital. Our research also shows that typically patients require two visits less when they receive care in a clinic versus in the home for the same treatment."

To be referred to a clinic, travel time has to be no more than 30 minutes.  If a patient is able to leave the home, they will receive nursing care in a CCAC clinic. The CCAC works with local community support services agencies to arrange transportation to the clinics for some patients.  Effective use of clinics ensures nurses are able to see those homebound individuals who need care at home at their most vulnerable time.


"We are very pleased with how well the clinics have worked out in terms of patient outcomes and satisfaction while achieving effective use of system resources, said Redmond. "Many people still think of the CCAC as homecare but we have moved far beyond that and we provide access to community care in a variety of settings. It is an asset to the communities we serve that we are able to offer clinic care to more people."

The South East CCAC currently runs nursing clinics in Bancroft, Belleville, Brockville Gananoque, Kingston, Napanee, Northbrook, Prescott, Perth and Trenton. Clinics will also be open in Picton and Sharbot Lake soon.


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