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Family Managed Home Care

Family-Managed Home Care is a new model for home care delivery in Ontario that is available in each LHIN.


Family-Managed Home Care is intended to provide more choice and flexibility to eligible clients and families. Through the program, eligible clients, or their substitute decision-makers, will receive funding that they can use to purchase home care services or employ care providers set out in the patient's care plan. Clients or substitute decision-makers are responsible for managing and coordinating their care providers and managing funding as well as reporting to the LHIN.


Patients continue to be assessed/re-assessed by South West LHIN care coordinators, and the South West LHIN remains responsible for developing the patient's care plan/plan of service and monitoring outcomes.


For more information, view theFamily-Managed Home Care Patient and Family Fact Sheet 


Contact Information

Your LHIN Care Coordinator can provide you with additional information about the new Family-Managed Care Program, including the detailed Program Specifications.


Contact the South West LHIN Family-Managed Home Care team at or at 519-637-4866 or 1-833-608-1048.