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Billing codes

Primary care practitioners can bill OHIP for a number of services involved in working with us, including referals, case conferences and completion of long-term care health reports. See below for a listing of codes.


OHIP Billing Codes when working with our organization:

​K070, K071, K072​​for referral and home care supervision​
​​K124/K075​​for case conferences​
​​K124/K075​​for completion of long-term care health report


Physicians and primary care practitioners in a Patient Enrollment Model (PEM) are eligible to bill the associated fees when accepting unattached patients from Health Care Connect:

​Q053A HCC Complex-Vulnerable Patient Fee​​$350​
​Q054A HCC Unattached Mother and Newborn Fee​​$350​
​​Q055A HCC Unattached Multiple Newborn Fee​$150
​​Q056A HCC Upgrade Patient Status Fee​​$850​
​Q057A HCC Greater Than Three Months Fee​​$200