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Community Nursing Clinics


Where we provide care is shifting and we're putting community first with Community Nursing Clinics

We are committed to ensuring that care in the community is provided in a safe manner and that the availability of community nurses is managed responsibly to provide reliable, high-quality care.

We take a 'clinic-first' approach, providing care to patients who can be appropriately supported in the clinic and only providing care at home to those people who need it there most, like home-bound or palliative patients. This is part of a larger strategy to increase capacity, improve patient safety and outcomes, and best manage our resources.

Why Community Nursing Clinics?

  • Picture1.pngOur clean and safe Community Nursing Clinics follow strict COVID-19 protocols to support quality care: stocked with medical supplies, resources, equipment, fridges, ideal lighting and exam tables.
  • Minimize risk of infections
  • Support independence, socialization and improve mobility
  • Help to end missed or delayed care and they allow for more face-to-face time
  • Remove any influence socio-economic status might have on care delivery
  • Provide multiple locations across the South West with quality nursing care. All sites are accessible with free parking.
  • Allow patients to arrange for care at a convenient time and location, instead of waiting at home for care

Examples of some of the OHIP covered services we provide:

· Catheter Care

· Central Venous Line Flushes & Maintenance

· Diabetic Teaching Support

· Drains

· Diabetic Foot Offloading Devices

· Injections

· IV Therapy / Infusions

· Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy

· Ostomy Care

· Wound Care

· Chemotherapy Disconnects

· Debridement Care Plans


NEW MAP: Your region's Community Nursing Clinics (updated July 18, 2022)

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During your conversations with patients/families, we ask that you please defer to the Care Coordinator on decisions about where their nursing treatment will be provided (in one of our Community Nursing Clinics or at home).

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