COVID-19 Remote Patient Monitoring​

Remote patient monitoring_Patient info sheet.jpg

The Ontario Health West COVID-19 Remote Patient Monitoring team is a remote team of nurses who are here to help support and monitor your health alongside your health care team while you recover from COVID-19 at home.



  • Assess your symptoms daily. Using a private and secure app called Vivify Go on your smart phone (or other device, like a tablet or laptop), you answer questions about your health and how you are feeling twice per day, every day of the week. Your responses are automatically sent to the team at 8:00 a.m. and at 5:00 p.m. If you do not have a smart device or internet access, a nurse will call you to check on you instead.
  • Monitor your progress and track any changes. Using your answers, the team will monitor your COVID-19 symptoms every day to help you feel more comfortable and confident in your recovery. If you start to feel worse, we may have a nurse from the team call to check on you by phone or video call. The nurse can call your doctor after the assessment.
  • Check-in with you to answer your questions and concerns. We're here to support you. We may also follow-up with you over the phone to ask you more questions or if you are not responding to the questions.



If you or your patient has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please contact the Ontario Health West COVID-19 Remote Patient Monitoring Team at 1-888-444-8805 to begin a referral.