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Health Links

What is Health Links?

Health Links is an innovative collaborative approach that brings together health-care providers in a community to better coordinate the care needs of high-needs care worker taking patient's blood pressure

When different health-care providers involved in your care work together as one team, they can better coordinate your care throughout the health system – which ultimately leads to better health outcomes. For example, Health Links can encourage faster follow-up and referral to home and community services for patients being discharged from hospital, which reduces the likelihood of re-admission.

Here are some of the ways you might benefit from Health Links:

  • You will have an individualized comprehensive and coordinated care plan, developed with you and your care providers
  • You will no longer need to answer the same questions from different providers
  • You will have support to help ensure you are taking the right medications appropriately
  • You will have a care provider you can call, eliminating unnecessary additional emergency department visits

How does it work?

Health Links brings together your family doctorhealth care workers having a discussion and other health-care specialists, home care services and community supports. Through these connections, you will receive better care, spend less time waiting for services and be supported by a team of health-care providers across all levels of the health-care system. All CCACs are participating in Health Links initiatives. Each CCAC's role varies depending on the local Health Links model in place in your region.