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Strategic Plan - Archived

Annually, the South West CCAC Board of Directors reviews the South West CCAC Strategic Plan to monitor and evaluate progress, ensuring that all activities are consistent with the organization's vision, mission and values.  

The Board achieves its Strategic Directions through a Performance Measurement Framework  that sets out goals and indicators for the CEO’s performance and that of the CCAC. It’s part of how we embed a continuous quality improvement approach in every aspect of the services we provide to improve the care experience for clients.

The Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) determines:

  • What are we trying to accomplish? (our 3 Strategic Directions)
  • How will we know a change is an improvement? (the indicators we set and measure each year)
  • What change can we make that will result in an improvement? (the goals we set each year)

The Performance Measurement Framework is the CCAC's corporate scorecard identifying key indicators that meet the CCAC's Strategic Directions and align with the CCAC's Quality Plan and the goals of the South West LHIN's Integrated Health Services Plan. It is how the Board knows whether or not the CCAC is achieving its strategic directions and meeting its goals. To review the Performance Measurement Framework, click here.