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Advanced Home Care Team

Helping you stay safe at home when you need more care

Most people want to stay at home, even when facing the challenges of age, illness and disability. But there are times when you have to go to the hospital to get the care you need. Thanks to the Advanced Home Care Team (AHCT), there​'s an alternative. If you are already in hospital, the AHCT can help make the transition smoother.

Who is the Advanced Home Care Team (AHCT)?

The AHCT is a team of Nurse Practitioners who work closely with family physicians, care coordinators and other health professionals. Their goal is to provide advanced practice nursing care at home so that you may stay where you are most comfortable and get the care you need.

How does the AHCT work?

  • A family doctor, care coordinator or other health professional refers you to the AHCT
  • The AHCT Nurse Practitioner visits you at home to complete a thorough assessment of your health challenges and care needs
  • The Nurse Practitioner is able to order some lab tests, medications, ultrasounds and x-rays within her scope of practice
  • The Nurse Practitioner works with you and your family, your family doctor, the South West CCAC care coordinator and others to help you recover your health and strength
  • The Nurse practitioner may refer you to a doctor or to a hospital if your care cannot be managed at home

What are the advantages of the AHCT?

  • You can get well in the comfort and safety of your own home avoiding the risk of hospitalization including infections and confusion
  • You get treatment for your illness as quickly as possible, contributing to a faster and more complete recovery
  • The Nurse Practitioner provides you with the information you need to make informed health care choices, including preventative health care
  • Hospital beds can be kept open for people who need the highest level of care

Does it work?

Yes! More than 75% of AHCT patients don't have to go to the hospital at all.

What if I have more questions about AHCT?

Contact your South West CCAC care coordinator or office closest to you.