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Recognition for South West CCAC

Provincial and Regional Recognition for South West CCAC and its Partners


South West LHIN Quality Symposium 2016

At the 2016 South West LHIN Quality Symposium this past spring the South West CCAC was recognized with its partners under the category of "large scale quality improvement project" for accomplishments achieved through the Access to Care initiative, specifically with regards to the areas of Assisted Living, Supportive Housing and Adult Day Programs.

This project looked at the issue of high-risk seniors receiving assisted living services in the South West who were not receiving the right care at the right time in the right place, and the their lack of equitable access to adult day programs.

Using the Assisted Living Services for High Risk Seniors Policy and the CCAC Act and Regulations as guidelines, co-leads from a variety of specialty areas were seconded, at first to understand the current state of assisted living and adult day programs and then, to develop an implementation plan to realign services to meet client needs.

The South West CCAC has been recognized at the South West LHIN Quality Symposium every year since the awards were established.

Watch the video profile of this team's work here.


South West LHIN Quality Symposium 2015

On Thursday, May 28, 2015 South West CCAC and its respective partners were recognized with the 2015 South West LHIN Quality Awards for contributions to the Connecting Care Collaborative and to the Stroke Capacity Assessment and Best Practice Implementation Project.  

​Connecting Care Collaborative

Watch the video profile of this team's work here.

​Stroke Capacity Assessment and Best Practice Implementation Project

Watch the video profile of this team's work here.


The Quality Awards Program was established by the  South West LHIN in 2011 to recognize organizations that have implemented a sustainable quality improvement initiative by working together to achieve performance excellence. 


​The Quality Sympoisum also included a video profile of South West CCAC Patients, Floyd and Olive to recognize the work of all South West CCAC employees with our home and community care partners. 

Click here to learn about Floyd and Olive's experience.


Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres 

On Thursday, May 28, 2015 the South West CCAC – Partnering for Quality Team was recognized at the Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres' (OACCAC) Annual Conference with the Sector Innovation Award.

The Partnering for Quality team was nominated for this award because of their outstanding work in building relationships across stakeholders, their ability to engage primary care physicians, as well as providing hands-on knowledge exchange and sustainable tools for system change. 

Sharon Lee Smith, Associate Deputy Minister, Policy and Transformation is pictured presenting the South West CCAC Partnering for Quality Team with the           OACCAC Sector Innovation Award. Partnering for Quality Team Members: Gina Palmese, Rachel LaBonté, Jennifer Jackson, Krista McMullen with Nancy Dool-Kontio, Senior Director, Strategic Planning & Integration, Linda Ballantyne, Board of Directors Chair and Sandra Coleman, CEO.  Missing from the photo is Jennifer Thompson

The Sector Innovation Award recognizes the outstanding leadership by a provincial team of CCAC, OACCAC representatives and other system partners in developing and implementing initiatives driven from the sector shared purpose and priorities. Through the team's contribution, the CCAC sector and its stakeholders can recognize the significant benefit and positive impact on the CCAC sector, healthcare system and their patients through the accomplishment of these initiatives.

More about the Partnering for Quality Program: Partnering for Quality Program (PFQ) is a system level support program hosted at the South West CCAC and funded by the South West LHIN.  This  program focuses on quality improvement supports with primary care and broader system partners in the area of effective chronic disease prevention and management and with effective use of information management and technology in clinical practice. 

The PFQ Team has been working with Health Service Providers, including CCAC, to support quality improvement initiatives. Of the 750 physicians within the South West region, the team has engaged with 318 physicians, up from 89 physicians in two short years (2012-2014).  The team currently works with over a total of 700 stakeholders from across  sectors in the region. The team continues to achieve outstanding results by;

  • Providing hands-on support to teach primary care how to optimize the use of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) 
  • Actualizing quality improvement methodologies/tools in practice change leading to improved patient care and flow while incorporating the patient's experience in practice change
  • Facilitating connections between primary care practices and community resources including the South West CCAC; Diabetes Education Programs; Mental Health and Addiction Programs; Public Health etc)