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South West CCAC Response to Public Consultation

Patients First: A Proposal to Strengthen Patient-Centred Health Care in Ontario


The South West CCAC supports the vision for an integrated health care system putting patients first and appreciates the opportunity to provide input into the Patients First proposal. We believe that our experiences can contribute in a meaningful way to the transition process and future state of health care in the South West. Here you will find the South West CCAC formal response that includes a series of recommendations borne out of generative discussions that we have held with our Board, staff and partners.

At this stage of the transition, the recommendations are high level with a South West system-based perspective. We anticipate further opportunities to contribute to this process in the weeks and months ahead and look forward to working with stakeholders to achieve the greatest benefit for those we care for and the public.

  • As we have done for two decades, we will continue to work with the government and other health care providers to deliver home and community care—through this transition and into the future. With these considerations in mind, we continue to share the following key messages with patients, the public and our stakeholders:
  • The Minister's vision is for more integration among partners including the LHINs, CCACs, public health and primary care, in order to strengthen patient centered care and enable greater equity.
  • Amongst other changes, the proposal is for the CCAC and LHIN teams to merge, continuing the current roles and functions of the CCAC.
  • We will continue to focus on patients, ensuring "outstanding care, every person, every day". It is business as usual with no changes at this point, there will be no disruption to home care services. These processes take months.

A strong home and community care sector is absolutely essential to an integrated and effective health system. This is an opportunity for us to work together as leaders to transform home and community care, and create a stronger, more integrated health system that will truly put patients first.


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