​                                       Clients Rights and Responsibilities

As a Toronto Central LHIN client, you, your family and your caregiver(s) have rights and responsibilities.

You have the right to:
• Be treated with courtesy and respect
• Receive professional care regardless of your diverse views, culture, spiritual
traditions, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation and abilities
• Have your personal health information treated confidentially
• Be informed and involved in the planning of your care
• Be consulted about changes in your service
• Express concerns and recommend changes without fear of reprisals, interference, coercion or discrimination
• Have a clear explanation of the services you will receive and who will provide them
• Accept or refuse service
• Instructions on how to appeal Toronto Central LHIN decisions

You have the responsibility to:
• Treat your Care Coordinator or Service Provider with courtesy and respect, free
from discrimination and harassment
• Provide all information required
• Provide consent so we can determine and authorize service
• Be informed and involved in the planning of your care
• Follow your care plan to the best of your ability
• Tell us about any changes in your situation that could affect your care goals (for example, a hospital stay)
• Return all equipment promptly as requested
• Provide a safe working environment for the Care Coordinator or Service Provider by:
• Securing pets during visits if requested
• Ensuring that walkways to the home are well lit and clear of ice, snow
 and other hazards
• Not smoking during visits


For a printable copy of the Clients Rights and Responsibilities sheet, click here