Request for Access to Personal Health Information


You have the right to access (receive a copy or view) the personal health information contained in your record or the record of a patient for whom you are the Substitute Decision Maker (SDM), if the patient is incapable.  

To make a request for access to personal health information, a completed Request for Access to Personal Health Information form needs to be submitted by mail or fax to our Health Records Department.  To avoid delays, check that all information is completed on the form and that it is dated and signed.  If you are requesting information as the authorized SDM for a patient who is incapable, you will need to verify your role by providing the necessary documentation (e.g. copy of Power of Attorney for Personal Care document).

When detailing the personal health information you are requesting to access, specify if you are requesting a specific document, documents within a time period, or the entire record.  It is advised to include dates and timeframes wherever possible.

Preparation fee

A Fee is applicable for information requests. Call us for further details.

Response time

Records will be sent to you within 30 days from the date we receive the fully completed form.  If your request is urgent, please provide rationale on the request form including the date the records are required, an additional fee may apply to expedited request. We will contact you if we cannot meet your requested timeline.


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To open the Request for Access to Personal Health Information form, click here.  To make a request for personal health information, this form must be submitted by mail or fax to our Health Records Department.


Frequently Asked questions

Have a question about accessing a personal health record? Please see our FAQs.


Contact Us

Please contact our Health Records Department if you require assistance with this process or if you have questions regarding:

  • Our privacy policies,
  • How to access to your personal health information,
  • How to request a correction of personal health information, or
  • To identify a privacy issue.



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