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Care at School

Children attend school to learn and develop intellectually. They also attend school to socialize, exercise and experience life outside the home. For our young clients who require physical, medical and mental health support, we provide a variety of in-school health services to maximize their opportunities to attend school and benefit from the learning environment.

photo of child receiving support at schoolSupporting kids in schools

In-school health services give your child access to a wide variety of health-care professionals and are arranged through our School Health Support Services program. These services might include nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech language therapy and nutrition counselling. For children and youth attending private schools or receiving home schooling, personal support services may also be provided.

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Photo of teen receiving mental health supportSupporting youth with mental health care

We work with local school boards to help students not only stay in school, but to thrive. Mental Health and Addiction Nurses are specially trained to identify and support students who need extra mental health support, including support for addiction and substance abuse issues.

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