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Home and Community Care Values

The Statement of Home and Community Care Values is a key commitment of Patients First: A Roadmap to Strengthen Home and Community Care. Patients, caregivers and partners in the home and community care sector were consulted to develop a statement of shared values. These values reflect patient experiences and will guide our transformation of home and community care with a patient and caregiver-centred approach.

Statement of Home and Community Care Values

The ministry and our home and community care partners will deliver:

“Patient-centred home care that is responsive, collaborative, transparent and flexible”

This means providing care in partnership with patients and caregivers that is:

  • Reliable in the delivery of high-quality and consistent care for patients across the province.
  • Accessible in a way that is easy for people in all communities with different levels of need.
  • Respectful of and sensitive to a person’s identity, including their culture, language, background and values.
  • Integrated with other parts of our healthcare system to support easier transitions and collaborative care planning.
  • Accountable to patients and caregivers in day-to-day service delivery and care planning

The purpose of the Statement of Values is to empower patients, caregivers and families to have a greater voice in their care process. These values also help to guide the planning and delivery of care by service and care providers.

Involving patients and caregivers in the development of this statement ensured that it will place their needs at the centre as part of our ongoing collaborative efforts to strengthen home and community care.