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Community Care Clinics

Home and Community Care Support Services Toronto Central's Community Care Clinics have been serving clients for over 10 years and are an integral part of the care and recovery for many clients who are mobile and recovering from illnesses, accidents and surgeries.  Our clinics offer quick and easy access to wound care, post-surgical care, IV treatment and other specialized nursing services that are designed to help patients to get better, faster and regain their full health.

Home and Community Care Support Services Toronto Central Community Care Clinics provide:

  • High quality, specialized nursing care targeted to help you recover quickly
  • Targeted self-care techniques to help you manage your ongoing health and recovery
  • Experienced caring and professional staff
  • Located all around Toronto at locations close to where you live or work
  • Convenient, pre-scheduled appointments arranged at a time suitable for you
  • Easy access with most clinics open 8am - 8pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Community Care Clinics do more than provide you with specialized care. Even the simple act of getting to one of our convenient Community Care Clinic locations will help keep you active, a key part of your recovery journey, helping you to get better, faster.​​​

Community Care Clinic Locations​

The Community Care Clinics are located all across the city, the clinics are designed with the patient in mind providing greater choice, more flexibility, reduced wait times and improved access to nursing care services in the community.

  • Pape-Danforth Community Care Clinic
  • Humber Nursing Clinic
  • North Nursing Clinic
  • Sherbourne Nursing Clinic
  • Storefront Humber Nursing Clinic​
  • West Nursing Clinic
  • Women's College Nursing Clinic 
  • Lansdowne-St.Clair Community Care Clinic 
  • York Mills Community Care Clinic 

By Appointment Only

The Community Care Clinics are by appointment only. After an initial referral from a care coordinator, appointments can be booked to suit your schedule at a time and location convenient for you.


For more information on our Community Care Clinics locations, please click here.

"My husband had 9 operations and after the first few we had home care.  We found home care disruptive because we didn't know exactly when they were coming.   It was suggested we attend a community care clinics and it changed our lives.  We could make an appointment at our convenience.  We were seen on time and the care was outstanding.  We only had to tell our story once and all the nurses were up-to-date on what had happened and what the care plan was.  It was the first time I could breathe."

- Family member to Community Care Clinic Client, Home and Community Care Support Services Toronto Central