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Ethics Award to Home Care Ethics Pioneer, Wagner

​​​January 16, 2016 The Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre (TC CCAC) is pleased to congratulate Frank Wagner, former and inaugural Bioethicist at TC CCAC (2005-2014), for receiving the Distinguished Service award from The University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics (JCB).


The award is given to individuals who demonstrate service to the Joint Centre for Bioethics over an extended number of years; who have been primary drivers behind one or more major initiatives that have been crucial to the JCB's development; who are recognized widely as key contributors to and members of the JCB; and who embrace and reflect the values of the JCB.


Mr. Wagner was recognized for his pioneering work in community-based ethics. He founded the ethics program at the TC CCAC and initiated the development of a partnership with the TC CCAC, Department of Family and Community Medicine, the Toronto Central LHIN, and the JCB to facilitate integration of ethics and primary care.


 "It's wonderful that Frank's pioneering work has been recognized," says Stacey Daub, CEO of TC CCAC. "He identified the particular vulnerability of home care clients, in environments that are largely unregulated, and championed ensuring that all care providers, from the front line to the boardroom, are able to recognize an ethical issue, have the tools to address it, and know where to get help."


While working at TC CCAC, Mr. Wagner co-founded the Community Ethics Network (CEN), an organization now comprised of more than 45 member organizations. With the JCB and CEN, Frank led the creation a Community Ethics Toolkit that includes an ethics IDEA framework and a Code of Ethics for the community health and support sector. This tool has been widely integrated into community practice, and is still used at the TC CCAC.


Daub says, "Frank's energy and passion for community healthcare ethics, mentorship, and service to the community are truly infectious."  The TC CCAC's new ethicist, Christopher De Bono, PhD, agrees. "This award, while about Frank, is really about his passion for community ethics. And I am pleased to say that passion is very much alive at our TC CCAC."


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