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HSP Staged Screening and Assessment Tools

In 2015, a new package of Staged Screening and Assessment tools for funded addiction services, Global Appraisal of Individual Needs (GAINs suite), in hospital and community, were developed provincially. Since this time, both federal and provincial supports have been put in place to help with the implementation of these tools in Ontario, with four early adopter sites in the Toronto Central LHIN well underway.

One of those sites, the Jean Tweed Centre, has noted several positive benefits so far, including the ability to self-administer via computer as it allows them to continue to assess a larger number of clients in a group setting than they would otherwise be able to do. Other benefits include more efficient and effective information sharing, better understanding of population needs and gaps in the system, more opportunity to measure outcomes, and potentially, better integration of services.

Jean Tweed Centre also reports they have heard positive feedback from clients, who have described feeling both “relief” and “appreciation” for the tool’s comprehensiveness. Another one of our early adopter health service providers, Renascent, has so far trained more than 65 per cent of their full-time staff on the GAINs suite, and has provided similar positive insights on the functionality and success of the tool:

“I personally have never seen a better psycho-assessment tool that is so comprehensive. Overall, the benefits of the Staged Screening and Assessment Tools far outweigh the early anxieties. Having one comprehensive set of provincial standard screening tools is not only a great benefit for the system but also a great benefit for the patient and their long-term treatment plan.”

-Glen Adams, Manager, and Client Care Access & Engagement: Renascent

We would like to thank Renascent, Jean Tweed Centre, St, Michael’s Homes and the Withdrawal Management Service at Unity Health Toronto, St. Joseph’s Health Centre site, for showing leadership by becoming early adopters of the GAINs suite tools.  We encourage other agencies funded to provide addiction services in Toronto Central LHIN to continue efforts towards getting appropriate staff trained, with these early adopters as examples of success.




Dave Richie
Director, Transition Communications and Engagement
Home and Community Care Support Services


About Home and Community Care Support Services

Home and Community Care Support Services (formerly known as Local Health Integration Networks) has a focused mandate to deliver local health care services such as home care, access to community services and long-term care home placement. These agencies previously had additional responsibilities for local health system funding and management, but these functions were transferred to and assumed by Ontario Health on April 1, 2021.

Home and Community Care Support Services is dedicated to ensuring the ongoing delivery of local services while Ontario makes changes to improve the health care system to give patients better connected care with health care providers working as one coordinated team in Ontario Health Teams.

Although these agencies are operating under new business names, services and contact information remain the same, including home and community care, long-term care home placement and help finding services and local doctors.